Dream Big

On top of the bookcase in my office are sitting the letters – D R E A M B I G.

These 8 letters are a regular reminder to me that no matter what I may be facing in life, no matter how challenging the issues of the day may have become, my God is bigger than them all, and in Him I can continue to Dream Big.

Nothing significant has ever been accomplished without opposition. Life throws at us an array of challenges and trials that can all too easily sabotage our dreams and aspirations. A negative report arrives, it attacks the hope in our spirit and dampens the prospect of things ever being any different.

It’s always easier to pull back, play it safe, lower our expectations and allow the numbness of disappointment and the ease of the status quo to settle into our thinking. If we allow that scenario to continue unchecked and unchallenged for too long then small mindedness can set in, and small mindedness is the enemy of ‘Big Dreams’.

I learned many years ago from the pastor of the largest Church congregation in the world, that dreams and visions are the language of the Holy Spirit. And when we dare to pray to God, when we dare to believe for a bigger, brighter more productive future, we are actually unleashing the power of the Creator in our lives.

Small (mindedness) gives way to BIG (thinking) and our inner world is re-calibrated to form new images – forming creative visionary projections of faith. “The substance of things …. yet unseen”. (Heb 11:1)

Big Dreams begin as a movie reel previewing in our mind, from there our words activate the images. We begin by speaking our dream into being and then step it out into action. This is how People Builders began. The key thing to know is that it’s His dream, it’s Gods idea, it’s the Holy Spirit who empowers the process & it’s ‘In Christ’ that it will come to pass.

Gods got big plans for your life, so come on, I dare you, …… Dream BIG!




Senior Minister, People Builders Church
Port Macquarie

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